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At FordMomentum! we believe our future is so bright! The 21st century has brought incredible ways for everyday folks to do momentous things in ways we’ve never seen before. We’re here to compete, produce sweet results, and win the challenge to be human in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

We value hard work, ask a ton of questions, and find ways to improve how we express our creativity. Everything we do is about converting thoughts into ideas, then converting them into processes that inspire people to act. We produce sweet results by making space for all types of creative thought and solutions to be shared. We’re committed to paying fair wages for talented people who can compete. We don’t think formal education implies competency and encourage people with tangible expressions of their passion to pioneer with us.

What matters to us is integrity, thoughtfulness, creative expression, and documenting the most authentic narratives for the communities we serve. We’re doing this as service to this moment, RIGHT NOW. If you share these values, we’re interested in collaborating with you.



Our mission is to locate a designer who can help us illustrate messages in a culturally authentic and creative way.


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